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Chapter 1: Internet, Networks and TCP/IP

Chapter 2: The LINUX operating system - Setting up a Linux Web Server

Chapter 3: Your first webpage, Learning HTML and CSS

Chapter 4: Building Dynamic Websites with PHP in progress

Chapter 5: Web forms under construction

Chapter 6: Developing your first Bioinformatics web application under construction

Chapter 7: The PHP programming language: strings, arrays, functions, cycles, conditional statements, regular expressions under construction

Chapter 8: Sample Bioinformatics Web Applications under construction


Sample Bioinformatics Web Applications

Under construction


test64.102.249.9,, 2013/09/13 10:19

Dear Andrea,

This is a very useful website for a newbie bioinformatician. Are there any sample web applications that a newbie should focus on to get hands on experience? I am not looking for the code but for the project ideas only. I want to develop these projects myself and gain expertise on interaction of web technologies with bioinformatics.

test218.111.7.215, 2013/08/16 14:04


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