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Chapter 1: Internet, Networks and TCP/IP

Chapter 2: The LINUX operating system - Setting up a Linux Web Server

Chapter 3: Your first webpage, Learning HTML and CSS

Chapter 4: Building Dynamic Websites with PHP in progress

Chapter 5: Web forms under construction

Chapter 6: Developing your first Bioinformatics web application under construction

Chapter 7: The PHP programming language: strings, arrays, functions, cycles, conditional statements, regular expressions under construction

Chapter 8: Sample Bioinformatics Web Applications under construction


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Welcome to the Web Development for Bioinformatics Web Book

A beginner's course for Biologists

By Andrea Cabibbo, Ph.D.

This online book covers the basics of Bioinformatics Web Development. It is a 101 Bioinformatics Web Development course mainly aimed at Biology students that are planning to direct their career toward Bioinformatics.

The basics of the Internet, Linux System management, web development, programming and the principles of Object Oriented Programming, are included, assuming no previous knowledge about these topics.

These notions are then used to build some simple yet complete Bioinformatics applications, that are intended as scaffolds to be used as a starting point to build more complex applications in the specific field of interest of the student.

Rather than focusing on specific Bioinformatics tools, or trying to cover all the available tools, we provide the basic informatics/computing knowledge oriented toward Bioinformatics web development that will put the student in the condition to either use existing software libraries (you have to understand what a library is, before using it), or write their own, or, as it happens in real life, mix the two things to accomplish the goal with a minimum effort but with enough effort to get out exactly what you need/want from your software or web application.


This document is currently under development, this is work in progress!

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Unlabeled sections: finished (pending revision)

In progress: we are working on it

Under Construction: we are still not working on it, but will

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Contribute and Comment!

If you have something to contribute to the pages contents, or just want to provide some feedback, this is great and we'd love to hear from you: don't refrain from leaving a comment, you can do so on each page of this tutorial. Relevant comments and suggestions will be included and acknowledged in the next online or print editions of this book.

The “Web development for Bioinformatics” document is a copyrighted work of Reproducing this material, as a whole or in part, in print, on other web sites or by other means is not allowed without explicit permission of the author. The licensing type might change to an open model in the future, depending on the development of the project. If you have question or feedback about this or other issues please contact us at the e-mail address at the bottom of this page.

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