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Format Conversion
-Combine FASTA
-EMBL Feature Extractor
-EMBL Trans Extractor
-Filter DNA
-Filter Protein
-GenBank to FASTA
-GenBank Feature Extractor
-GenBank Trans Extractor
-One to Three
-Range Extractor DNA
-Range Extractor Protein
-Reverse Complement
-Split Codons
-Split FASTA
-Three to One
-Window Extractor DNA
-Window Extractor Protein
Sequence Analysis
-Codon Plot
-Codon Usage
-CpG Islands
-DNA Molecular Weight
-DNA Pattern Find
-DNA Stats
-Fuzzy Search DNA
-Fuzzy Search Protein
-Ident and Sim
-Multi Rev Trans
-Mutate for Digest
-ORF Finder
-Pairwise Align Codons
-Pairwise Align DNA
-Pairwise Align Protein
-PCR Primer Stats
-PCR Products
-Protein GRAVY
-Protein Isoelectric Point
-Protein Molecular Weight
-Protein Pattern Find
-Protein Stats
-Restriction Digest
-Restriction Summary
-Reverse Translate
Sequence Figures
-Color Align Conservation
-Color Align Properties
-Group DNA
-Group Protein
-Primer Map
-Restriction Map
-Translation Map
Random Sequences
-Mutate DNA
-Mutate Protein
-Random Coding DNA
-Random DNA Sequence
-Random DNA Regions
-Random Protein Sequence
-Random Protein Regions
-Sample DNA
-Sample Protein
-Shuffle DNA
-Shuffle Protein
-IUPAC codes
-Genetic codes
-Browser compatibility
-Mirror this site
-Use this site off-line
-About this site
Sequence Manipulation Suite:
  • The Sequence Manipulation Suite was written by Paul Stothard, University of Alberta.
  • Thanks to: Eric Martz (University of Massachusetts), Morris Maduro (University of California), Isaac Mehl (University of California), Andreas Gille (University of Heidelberg), Mauricio Rios-Momberg (Instituto de Fisiologia Celular), Hiroki Morizono (Children's National Medical Center), Elizabeth Krusz (University of Michigan), Jimmer Endres (University of California), Michael Robbins (Penn State), Grant Zane (University of Missouri), Jaime Renart (Instituto de Investigaciones Biomedicas), Frank Zhao (Duke University), Erik Bongcam-Rudloff (The Linnaeus Centre for Bioinformatics), Daniel Darvish (HIBM Research Group), Hope Hart (Syngenta Biotechnology Inc.), Andrs Pinzn (Universidad Nacional de Colombia), Alexandru Tudor Constantinescu (Max-Planck-Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics), Peter Kuhlman (Denison University), Renyuan Bai (Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine), Harley King (Myriad Genetics), Shaul Lapidot, Petra Louis (Rowett Research Institute), Qilong Mao (Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute), Amanda Schierz (University of Wales), Roshan Shrestha (Michigan State University), Andrew Flaus (National University of Ireland), Alexandra Kienast, Marcia Su (University of Alberta), Shawn Flynn (University of Arkansas), Elice Kim (University of Washington), Ed Siefker (Creighton University), Jerrold Davis (Cornell University), Balazs Melikant (Intercell AG), Kostya Stepanyuk, Andrew Chess (Harvard Medical School), Sion Williams (Lois Pope LIFE Center), Anders Ohrn (Zymeworks Inc.), Marcelo Stockle (Pontifical Catholic University of Chile), Andrea Paparini (Murdoch University), Janis Shampay (Reed College).

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