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DNA Protein sequence randomizer

Two different randomization methods are available, that will allow you to get a random DNA sequence or random protein sequence, starting from an input sequence. Both randomization methods are based on the Python built-in random module. The first option uses the Python random module alone (very fast, always available, and great for most purposes). In the second option, the quality of sequence randomization is enhanced by the introduction of random seeds from the service, able to generates "true randomness" based on environmental noise. This last method could be subject to some limitations mainly depending on server load and available "randomness quota" for our service.
This application supports IUPAC characters. If you select the "Clean Sequence" option, every number, space, tab, slash or non-relevant character will be stripped out of the input sequence.


Use the python built-in random function    Include random seeds from the service (slower)

Number of randomization cycles


Is your sequence ready, or do you need to remove unwanted characters?

Clean and Randomize    Just Randomize

Please select the correct nucleic acid or protein alphabet

Please select one of the options below for your output

UPPER CASE    lower case   
Optional: include numbering and line breaks every: nucleotides/residues (0=do not use this option)

Paste your single DNA sequence below in any format including FASTA. Max 10.000 characters allowed to limit server load

A web application written in Python by Andrea Cabibbo